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Join Daniel Stanton, acclaimed author, speaker, and global thought leader in supply chain management and project management, on a journey to redefine how businesses approach the supply chain. As “Mr. Supply Chain,” Daniel brings a wealth of expertise, insights, and innovative strategies to the table, empowering industry leaders and professionals across the globe.

Why Daniel Stanton?

  • Experience: Decades of practical experience in the field, from the Navy to the non-profit sector, and deep involvement in private industry.
  • Knowledge: A solid academic background with a degree in logistics engineering from the prestigious MIT, complemented by hands-on experience.
  • Recognition: A LinkedIn Top Voice and a sought-after LinkedIn Learning Instructor, with over 2.5 million learners benefiting from his courses.
  • Media Accolades: Featured in renowned publications such as the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and BBC, Daniel’s perspectives are highly valued and respected.

Keynote Speaking

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Daniel’s keynote speeches are more than just talks; they are immersive experiences packed with actionable insights. His sessions at industry conferences around the world are known for their engaging content, tailored to both current and emerging supply chain challenges. Whether it’s a deep dive into the latest trends or a strategic overview of supply chain management essentials, Daniel’s keynotes leave the audience informed, inspired, and ready to take action.

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