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Daniel Stanton – The Go-To Expert for Supply Chain Insights in the News

Bringing Clarity to Complex Supply Chain Issues

In an era where supply chain disruptions make headlines, having a reliable expert to decipher these complexities is invaluable. Daniel Stanton, known as “Mr. Supply Chain,” is that expert. With his deep understanding of supply chain dynamics and a talent for explaining intricate concepts in accessible terms, Daniel is the ideal source for journalists and reporters seeking authoritative insights.


Why Consult Daniel?

Extensive Knowledge: Daniel’s comprehensive background in supply chain management and logistics engineering provides a wealth of information.

Proven Track Record: As the author of “Supply Chain Management For Dummies” and a LinkedIn Top Voice, his expertise is recognized and respected globally.

Media Experience: Daniel is seasoned in engaging with media, having been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, FOX News, and more, for his expert commentary.

Real-World Perspective: His experience as an educator, speaker, and advisor, combined with practical industry experience, gives Daniel a unique, well-rounded perspective on current events.


A trusted supply chain voice for journalists

Whether it’s breaking down the impacts of global events on supply chains, explaining technological advancements, or discussing strategies for resilience and innovation, Daniel provides clear, informed, and timely analysis.

Elevate Your Coverage

Journalists and reporters covering supply chain topics: enhance your stories with insights from one of the leading voices in the field. Daniel Stanton can provide the depth, context, and clarity that your audience needs to understand the complexities of supply chain issues.

For expert commentary, interviews, or to discuss the latest in supply chain management, reach out to Daniel Stanton. He is available to provide valuable insights that will enrich your reporting and bring expert analysis to your audience.
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