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Transform Your Team with Daniel Stanton’s Learning Sprints

Unlock Potential with Hybrid Learning

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying ahead means continuously evolving. Daniel Stanton’s “Learning Sprints” offer a unique and dynamic approach to upskilling your workforce in supply chain management. These bespoke training programs are tailored to propel your team’s competence and confidence in handling complex supply chain challenges.


A Comprehensive Learning Experience

Each Learning Sprint is a carefully crafted hybrid event that combines the best of online and interactive learning:

Engaging Online Courses: Participants start with curated LinkedIn Learning courses, designed by Daniel Stanton, aka “Mr. Supply Chain,” ensuring a solid foundation in key supply chain concepts.

Thought-Provoking Reading Assignments: Supplement the online curriculum with handpicked reading materials that deepen understanding and stimulate critical thinking.

Interactive Virtual Sessions: Bring learning to life through virtual fireside chats and discussions led by Daniel himself. These sessions provide a platform for lively discussions, Q&A, real-world insights, and networking opportunities.


Customized to Your Needs

Understanding that each organization is unique, Daniel works closely with you to tailor Learning Sprints that align with your specific goals and challenges. Whether your focus is on logistics, procurement, operations, or overall supply chain strategy, these programs are designed to meet your needs.


Why Choose Learning Sprints?

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Daniel Stanton’s extensive experience and recognized expertise in supply chain management.
  • Practical and Relevant: Learn through real-world scenarios and practical applications that can be immediately implemented.
  • Flexible and Engaging: Adapt to various learning styles and schedules with a combination of online and live components.
Elevate Your Organization

Ready to elevate your team’s supply chain acumen and drive organizational success? Contact us to discuss how Learning Sprints can be your catalyst for transformation.

Begin your journey towards enhanced supply chain mastery. Reach out to explore a custom Learning Sprint for your team today.
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