Daniel Stanton



Innovate and Transform with Daniel Stanton’s Investment Expertise

Fueling Startup Success

As an angel investor and a Limited Partner in REFASHIOND Ventures, Daniel Stanton, “Mr. Supply Chain,” is at the forefront of fostering innovation in the supply chain and logistics industry. His keen eye for potential and strategic insights helps startups in his portfolio not just to thrive, but to revolutionize the market. With Daniel’s guidance, these companies refine their product and service offerings and connect with the right customers to scale new heights.


Bridging the Gap for Established Companies

For established companies looking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape, Daniel acts as a technology scout and a matchmaker. He specializes in identifying cutting-edge innovations that can add significant value to your supply chains, guiding you through the process of integrating transformative solutions.


Your Partner in Supply Chain Innovation

Startup Guidance: Leverage Daniel’s investment acumen and deep supply chain expertise to propel your startup forward.

Technology Scouting: Utilize Daniel’s extensive network and knowledge to discover technologies that can redefine your supply chain operations.

Strategic Matchmaking: Benefit from Daniel’s ability to connect businesses with innovative solutions and partnerships that drive growth and efficiency.

Transforming the Supply Chain Ecosystem

Are you a startup looking to make a mark in the supply chain sector? Or an established company seeking innovative solutions to enhance your supply chain? Daniel Stanton is your ideal partner to navigate this journey of transformation and growth.
Ready to explore how Daniel’s expertise and network can benefit your business? Reach out to discuss potential investment opportunities, collaborations, or to seek advice on the latest in supply chain technology and innovation.
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